Sabha – Libya

A minor person in law is anyone under the age of 18 years who remains under the guardianship of his/her father or a person responsible for him/her and thus is unable to take responsibility for himself/ herself alone or to determine the dimensions of their own lives.

Among the organization’s activities to address the phenomenon of the marriage of the minor, the new health center organizes a discussion session on the minor and her rights in marriage, divorce and custody in legal and psychosocial terms.

Under the slogan of “Minor Marriage : Time Bomb Threatening our Society “ in cooperation with the lawyer Saleh Salem Huthitha, a lawyer before the Court of Appeal of Sabha and accepted to plead before the courts of first instance and appeal before all the courts in Libya; the lawyer Imbarka Mohammad Naji, a lawyer before the courts of first instance in Libya, Mr. Mohammed Al-Zaidani, Head of Social Service, Mr. Ali Mokhtar Al-Kashkari, member of the Psychological Support Team for Children, and Ms. Hana Al-Shami, Head of Training and Development Section.

The meeting was attended by a group of social workers in preparatory and secondary schools and middle institutes of Al-Jadid and Sukra, in addition to the Director of the Department of Social Services for Education in Sebha, Mr. Khalid Al-Sayed.

The session resulted in a number of recommendations, including activating the role of social workers in schools and allocating a  weekly class to discuss social issues and raise awareness of students in addition to forming a psychological affairs office to contribute in reduction of this phenomenon as its impact leads to many negative results and often leads To social, health and psychological problems.