Tripoli – Libya

As part of the celebration of the International Book Day by STACO, the department of scientific affairs intends to organize a seminar entitled:

“Librarians in Libya and their role in the printing and publishing movement since the fifties”

The seminar is summarized as follows:

– The first axis: the book stores in Libya, their origin and history, the impact of the spread of book stores and the supply of books in the intellectual and cultural life in Libya, and government and private printing presses in Libya: their role and importance in the book industry.

– The second axis: books and book stores in Libya – studies and figures. Old and used books trade in Libyan bookstores, and street vendors of newspapers and magazines in Libya.

– The third axis: the future of the paper books in Libya and the importance of the traditional library, and the role of periodic book fairs in promoting book stores, libraries and publishing houses, as well as the civilization and cultural dimensions of the proliferation of book stores and public libraries.

The invitation is open to all of those interested in the printing and publishing movement in Libya, professors, researchers, intellectuals and students to participate in the symposium. The scientific committee will select the best researches for the seminar to be published in a special book.

The seminar will be held on May 07, 2018, at Bab El Bahr Hotel / Tripoli.

Deadline for acceptance of research 21 April 2018

Please contact the addresses mentioned in the brochure.