Tripoli – Libya

In cooperation with UNICEF, STACO organized the campaign “Protecting Myself and My Environment” in Tripoli, in order to complete the maintenance and rehabilitation project which started from the city of Sebha with the maintenance of 5 health facilities and 5 schools and then moved to the city of Obari to maintain five health centers and five schools.

During the campaign, 8,500 students participated in the elementary and preparatory stages, as well as a number of teachers, where interactive activities were held for the participants, showing the importance of personal hygiene.

In the same centers, tree planting campaigns were also held, in which children took part in planting trees in the school grounds. The children were provided with an explanation on the importance of trees and plants in our lives and how to preserve the environment.

The campaign lasted for three days in the city of Tripoli and targeted 5 schools.