STACO has been honored to be a member of the International Federation of Civil Society Organizations (IDSB) in recognition of its efforts in the field of humanitarian and volunteer work and its continuous work in the scope of sustainable development, through which, in cooperation with all its local and international partners, it aims to establish the developmental basis that will positively affect all categories of society without distinction or exclusion.

(IDSB) is the second largest international association working in the field of humanitarian work and volunteerism after ICVA. It comprises more than 152 members and more than 250 organizations around the world. It aims to guarantee the sustainable development processes, the strengthening of coordination among non-governmental organizations, and contribute to the establishment of a fair and lasting peace throughout the world, and support and strengthen human rights promotion and protection of individuals and societies.

The joining of STACO organization as IDSB member comes in the framework of setting up international partnerships with organizations working in the fields of development and charitable work in order to exchange experience, knowledge, and potentials to achieve the goal of building a better future.

STACO organization has previously been a member of the International Council of Voluntary Enterprises (ICVA) and it is currently working on membership in the United Nations Economic and Social Council in New York (ECOSOC), which is the heart of the United Nations system to achieve the three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, social, environmental), and also considered as the main platform for encouraging the innovative idea, and devote efforts to achieving the internationally agreed goals. furthermore, It is responsible for the follow-up to prime United Nations and summits conferences.

(ECOSOC) was established by the United Nations Charter in 1946 as one of the six branches of the United Nations.