Tripoli – Libya

Meeting between STACO chairman and displaced affairs minister and IOM representative at the prime minister office, discussed situation of displaced persons in Libya.

The minister emphasized the importance of gathering all efforts to find ways to reduce the negative impact of the current situation, he also stressed the importance of participation all governmental institutions, civil society and international organizations to reach the desired goal of human service.

STACO chairman pointed out to the obstacles facing the work of charitable organizations and underlined the need to overcome them in order to reach the best results in establishing the sustainable development.

“The return of displaced people needs to create the appropriate climate in all respects” said IOM representative.

The meeting also discussed ways of cooperation with the displaced affairs ministry so as to put up proposals that alleviate the suffering of displaced persons in all Libyan society.

Tawergha file also took a place at the meeting by discussing ways of rebuild Tawergha municipality and providing all the necessary needs and services to the municipality’s residents.

It is worth mentioning that STACO is one of the most active partners on the ground, working with international organizations concerned with immigration and displaced persons on the one hand, and government institutions on the other. It also has a prominent role in the DTM project in partnership with IOM and the Foundation implements more than 75% of it, which provides an accurate database of numbers of displaced persons and migrants on all parts of Libya.