STACO finished the Midwifery training course, in Obstetrics and Gynecology under the supervision of Dr. Manal Al-Zaroug, and Dr. Najwa Alfitouri, in addition to the Infection Control and Epidemiology Course, in the capital of Tripoli, in partnership with International Italian Cooperation Organization HelpCode and the Italian Cooperation and Development Agency  AGENZIA ITALIANA PER LA COOPERAZIONE ALLO SVILUPPO, in order to raise the abilities of doctors, increase their skill, and enrich their knowledge.

The training course targeted 14 trainees of midwives and nurses, from 4 health centers (Al-Daisa, Jerma, Ibraik, Al-Fajij) in Ubari, Libya; and through it the trainees gained a better understanding of screening techniques, the techniques and management of low-risk pregnancy care, recognizing women at high risk, and identifying fetuses at high risk.

In addition to the Infection Control and Epidemiology Course, which targeted 4 doctors and 4 nurses, there was also the Epidemic Early Warning course for doctors only, in cooperation with the National Center for Epidemiology.

The training course for midwives and nurses, which lasted for three days (28-30th April 2018), concluded in the Clinical Skills Center in the Collage of Medicine/Tripoli University, with an honoring ceremony for the trainees in Prestige restaurant.

In which Dr. Manal Al-Zaroug welcomed the trainees who had suffered the trouble of travelling for sake of training and developing. She called for the trainees to pass on the message of science and knowledge to the rest of the staff in southern Libya, and stated that she was fully prepared to offer her cooperation and support to the health centers in Ubari, Libya. She also gave her thanks and appreciation to STACO and their partners for their great efforts in the short amount of time to make this training package work.

In the end of the ceremony STACO’s Office of Administrative Affairs, represented by Mr. Amar Jabara, gave their thanks to the Collage of Medicine-Tripoli University, and the National Center for Infection Control and Epidemiology for their cooperation with STACO, for hosting this training course, and for contributing to preparing its training syllabus. He also thanks Prestige restaurant for hosting the finishing ceremony; and Certificates of appreciation were awarded to the participants.