While we start to get into the mood of the blessed month of Ramada of this year 1439 AH, news comes from Syria, then Tripoli, then Shehat in turn; mourning three of the great historians, who served Libya with sincerity and devotion, in 3 successive days. The first of which was the news of passing of Syrian professor, doctor, and esteemed academic Emad Addean Ghanem, on the 19th of May 2018, the third day of Ramadan; who transferred the most important works of German historian and travelers on Libya to Arabic, and contributed by lecturing in Libyan Universities, and was an active researcher in the Libyan Jihan Center for historical research.

The second person to pass was Prof. Ali Assadik Husnein, the descendant of the city of Tripoli and one of its mentors, on Sunday May 20th. He was a historian, linguist, researcher, and a distinguished translator, who translated many works from Italian; and contributed towards the translation of the blessed Quor’an to that language in one of the most important translation of its kind until now.

And the shock of that Cultural tragedy hadn’t yet settled, until we were once more struck with the third saddening news from city of Shehat in eat Libya, mourning the passing of the archeologist, historian, and writer Prof. Dawood Hallaq, on the 21st of May; who had contributed more than seven books, most of which researching the History of the first Libyan man and his civilizations in eastern Libya.

“We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

The Department of Scientific Affairs in Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization (S.T.A.C.O) and all of its staff mourn the loss of these three scientist, who enriched the Libyan libraries with their valuable writings,  prays for mercy and forgiveness on their souls, and recommends that the competent authorities print their manuscripts and reprint their published works, in memory of them. May God have mercy on them all.