In the framework of Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization’s endeavors to cooperate with other organizations that place humanitarian work as one of their priorities and amongst their largest interest; and in support to the international and local human mobility  to contribute towards giving aid to as many irregular migrants in Libya as possible; and to alleviate the pressure of their harsh circumstances , the Organization, in cooperation with Action for Humanity Mobility from Sweden oversaw the distribution of non-food aids, included clothes and hygiene kits.

Where the aids were distributed to four detention centers in the capital of Tripoli. The number of beneficiaries of these aids reached 3,486 migrants, by distributing aids to 800 people at the detention center in Tajoura, on Tuesday 08/05/2018. Then on Wednesday 09/05/2018 the distribution took place in the Janzour detention center, where the aids were distributed to 315 people. Following that on Thursday 10/05/2018, it was distributed to 1071 people staying at the Airport-Road detention center.

The distribution series concluded at the Alseka-Road detention center on the 27/05/2018, where the aids were given to 1300 people.