In toe with the International Orphans Day declared by the Islamic Cooperation Organization, on the 15th of Ramadan each year, Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization (STACO), in cooperation with The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), organized a special Eftar (meal) hosting the children from orphanages from Tripoli, Misrata, and Zawia, at Corinthia Hotel in the capital Tripoli.

STACO’s chairman of the board of directors, Eng. Salem Algamody said, in a speech he gave for the occasion that, “The organization’s concern for orphans comes as a response to the dire times the country is seeing, from a war that has continued for years, recording in its wake great violations, from killings, plundering, usurping, and the displacement of thousands of citizens. Causing awful human condition, increasing with it the number of orphans, widows, amputees, and other victims; which lead us to intervene in an attempt to take our country’s orphans by the hand, and provide a decent life for them. And the sponsoring of orphans is a priority in our national security priorities.”

In a speech given by the president of the Human Relief Foundation, Mr. Azzat Shaheen, he says, “We, as a humanitarian relief foundation, consider orphans to be sacred secretaries for the nation, that is how we view them, and that is how we are honored to serve them”. He also pointed out that today there are over 400 million orphans, a third of which from the Islamic world, and of them there are 150 million in the streets. Azzah Shaheen adds, “we must extend a helping hand to the orphans; so that they are not exploited by gangs and armed factions. And make aware the social responsibility towards this slice of society.”


The Ambassador of Turkish Republic in Libya, Mr. Ahmed Addoughan expressed his great regret that the authorities didn’t provide enough support to the need. And he emphasized the importance of cooperation between Libya and Turkey to provide aid to persons in need, and stated that the cooperation between STACO and IHH foundation is a great example of such.


The Chairman of the Social Solidarity Organization representative noted during his speech saying, “Orphans are one of the factions who benefit from the services of the Social Solidarity Fund, in addition to those with disabilities, the elderly, families in need, those with limited means of livelihood, and natural disaster victims who were given care by Social Solidarity Fund by provisions of Law No. 20 of 1990, and amended by Law No. 10 of year 2000. However, this faction, due to its importance, is in continued need of care and follow up, and to stand up to the difficulties they face from time to time with support and advice; so that those belonging to it can enjoy security and life.”

The Minister of the Interior representative stated that the Interior Ministry’s keenness to participate in this occasion came from its total conviction that social security is an important pillar of security; fulfilling orphans’ physical, educational and psychological needs fills them hope, sureness, and stability, which they rely on in building and growing.

Dr. Yousef Al-Jalalah, Minister of State for Displaced and Immigrant Affairs, stated that through the efforts the country is making, aiming to resolve the issue of forcefully displaced and immigrants, they hope that the next Ramadan comes with all of the migrants and displaced in their homes and with their families and relatives, living their life freely, and contributing to the stability, safety, security, and overall development in all sects of life, based on brotherhood, forgiveness, and social justice in a nation of organizations and law.

The Member of Presidential Council representative amended the organization’s efforts, and their active part in cooperation and partnership for delivering aid, extending a helping hand to those who need it, and contribute towards alleviating their suffering.

The day concluded by honoring Minister of State for displaced people and migrants, Dr. Yousef Majesty, and His Excellency the Ambassador of Turkey in Libya, Ahmed Doughan, the head of the Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization Eng. Salem Algamody. As well as honoring active people in the Social Solidarity Fund.