Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization STACO participates in Zaid Humanitarian Work day, under the slogan  «Love and Loyalty… Zaid’s Giving…»

STACO organized the distribution of food human aids to 4,000 damaged families. Where Ramadan Baskets were distributed in Sabha city, in northern Libya, containing essential foods; in effort to lessen the intensity of suffering and acute food shortage due to the current circumstances the area is undergoing.

These aids were given from the UAE as part of the initiative “Emirate Humanitarian Work Day” which coincides with the 19th of Ramadan every year, in commemoration of the passing of Sheik Zayed Ben Sultan Al-Nahyan –may God have mercy on him, and immortalizing his efforts and achievement in humanitarian work field.

« Year of Zayed» is considered a national event, held to celebrate the founding leader, Sheik Zayed Ben Sultan Al-Nahyan; to highlight his part in founding and building the UAE, as well as his local and global achievements, and what he gave humanity as a whole, away from any political, racial, or religions considerations.