Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization Social Affair Management organizes the 2nd scientific seminar titled “Youth Building and Belonging to the Nation” with the slogan «Youth is the nation’s hope and key to its rising» on the days 12th-13th of Sep. 2018, at Bab Al-Bahr Hotel, in the capital Tripoli.

Based on the premise that active societies; are the ones in which the youth are most prominent in all day-to-day fields. As they possess many characteristics and qualifications that make them the driving force towards the future, characterized in the values and culture of the society they were born in, and from which they inherited its identity and qualities.

Young adulthood is one of the most important phases in an individual’s life; as it is the phase that contributes towards building their future personality, and enables them to prove themselves in life’s fields in the future. Through which the individual feels independent by depending on himself to provide all of his basic needs, as well as striving towards a better life.

The danger lies in: that this faction is subjected to forms of exclusion and marginalization, causing it to lose its place, part and function; rendering it an idle power. A situation like that causes youths to lose their trust and respect to all of their society’s idealities and beliefs, thusly breaking all ties between them. It turns them into dependents who have destroyed themselves and others through many issues, and the upset of social balance and ties.

Feeling the danger that could come from forms of marginalization and exclusion from society; this seminar comes to answer to the problems posed by this situations, as well as the effect of the participation of this faction in different fields.

Seminar Goals:

  • Enlighten youth of their rights and duties.
  • Make youth aware of their part in the social movement.
  • Understanding youth’s depth and issues.
  • Identify the aspirations and major trends of the Libyan youth.
  • Present youth’s different psychological issues and how to treat them.
  • Learning the youth’s position and orientations towards the situations which relate to the major issues of the Libyan community.
  • Focusing on preparing Youth cadres able of leading the nation in the future.

For more details regarding participating in the seminar, read Seminar topics and participation conditions.

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On the side of the seminar there will be held a (Youth’s Arts) gallery, opening the horizon of creativity, innovation, and excellence, in all of the arts and its fields; photography, drawing, inventing, and new creations. Seeking through which to introduce creators, and offering and special opportunity to them under the supervision of a special committee with specified standards.