In the conclusion of the television program (Ramadan Kareem) which contains the segment (Wafa) sponsored by Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization, to honor fifteen Libyan people of all different areas and cities of our beloved nation whom are of distinguished and creative nature, and of whom each has left a mark on this good land, be it in literary culture, or humanitarian.

With the attendance of the STACO chairman, Salem Algamody, the (Coast Guard and Port Security) was honored, and delivered the organizations shield, for their active part and integrated work with the General Directorate of Coast Guard in protecting the security of the marine environment from any pollutants, and in appreciation of their distinguished efforts in stopping numerous smuggling attempts.

In which Mr. Algamody assured that “The Coast Guard men are the ever alert and watchful eyes over the security of our regional waters, the protective fortress in the face of challenges and dangers, and the cutting sword to anyone who is tempted to break the law or threaten the country’s security.”

Algamody affirmed the importance of continuing to work with team spirit, and enforce security control in the regional waters, emphasizing that “The honoring means bigger responsibility and larger burden.”

He also praised their efforts and humanitarian duty in saving the irregular migrants across the Libyan coast and the country’s regional waters.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Salem Algamody stated, during his special hosting in the program, the organizations goals and future plans in the charity and humanitarian field, the relief aspect especially, and the continuous development projects which are in progress in the country. And he assured that all efforts and resources will be put forth to achieve that, as STACO is considered one of the country’s largest charity organization in the field.

*The program is aired on Libya Alwatan channel, sponsored by Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization, daily during the blessed month of Ramadan, at 12:30 AM.