Airport-Road Housing center, Tripoli

Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization opened a medical clinic in Airport-Road Housing Center in Tripoli, after maintenance, and preparing it with furnishing, medicine, and medical equipment.

In this context, STACO’s health unit project coordinator expressed his happiness about the organization’s medical team being able to provide medical care to weak factions for free in the clinic equipped with basic medical necessities. He also welcomed the expected partnership between STACO and International Organization for Migration (IOM), in accordance to which the two teams will work together to provide initial and emergency medical care to refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants in Airport-Road Housing Center in Tripoli, with a routine follow-up system for medical cases, and ensuring providing the necessary treatment.

During the official opening of the clinic on June 16th 2018, 57 immigrants were checked, including 38 women.

It is noteworthy that Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization seeks to provide initial medical care, and ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of African and Arab refugees and immigrants in the housing centers.