Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization held its first honorary seminar, in which it selected Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran –President of the Academy of Arabic Language, author, historian and writer, who enriched the Libyan Library in half a century with his writings and numerous investigations- as the person for this seminar entitled: Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran, Man of Letters and Historian.

The seminar opened with a speech from the president of preparatory committee Mr. Mahmoud Almehdy Al-Ghitmy, in which he expressed that it is of loyalty to people of science to be remembered by what they created and offered this nation; for Dr. Mohamad Jubran dedicated the peak of his youth in the field of educating in different stages, then was taken by the love of writing and authoring, and found the pleasure of knowledge in them, exhausting himself with them, and ignoring the frills of life, and the distractions of money. He was not swayed by prestigious positions, of which he was more worthy of than others by rite of his scientific potential; but instead he chose the path of science, with all its difficulties, of what it requires of patience and endurance, work and perseverance; making him an unscathed knight, and one of the largest contemporary Libyan writers, and we’ve been honored to make use of his knowledge, and moved by his high morals, huge modesty, and charming calm.

It was mentioned that when contacting many of his friends, colleagues from in and out of the country, and previous students regarding the seminar, they welcomed ad blessed the good efforts, and were returned with many testimonies and dedicated research to our teacher Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran, he also added that “We promise to compile these testimonies and dedicated researcher in a book to be published as part of the organization’s publications for the end of this year, which is the least of what we can offer Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran, our of love and loyalty to one of the contemporary leading Libyan personas. “

He was followed by a word by head of the scientific committee Dr. Nourny Ahmed Abreed, who commended the organization, the force of the tradition of appreciation and idea of loyalty, and praised the cultural diversity Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran has, and his scientific opinions which spurred a number of cases and questions, which stimulate research and enlighten the way for researchers.

He also appreciated the attendance of the esteemed scientists and writers from out of the country and their enduring of the tiresome travels, and their sentiment of the importance and necessity of cultural connection between the sibling regions.

Following that was a speech from Eng. Salem Ramadan and after welcoming the audience he praised Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran who dedicated his life to searching for knowledge, writing, authoring, teaching inside and outside of Libya, and scientific research. In which this scientific expedition resulting in numerous writings, and scientific research in Libyan cultural history, the Islamic western heritage, Andalusian literature, Arabic language, the art of translations, and provided the Libyan library with wonderful books which will remain as references to many decades to come.

This honorary seminar is considered an extension to the path of loyalty to our eminent scholars, to be proud of them and their great achievements, as other nations who respect their innovators do, and their products are cherished.

He declared during his speech the launch of “Sheik Taher Azzawi’s Research and Study Center” to be a center concerned with the Libyan condition in all its revelations, and prepares research and academic studies, holds seminars, conferences, workshops, forums, periodicals, books, reports, and future prospects, in service to the Libyan community.

Next came the speech by Dr. Abd Alhameed Abd Allah Al-hramah, dean of the Faculty of Islamic Da’wa and Vice-President of the Arabic Language academy in Libya- to shed light on the prose writing by Dr. Mohamad Jubran saying that it is “An all-encompassing art that used torsel, tapestry and dialogue, all of which chose the wonderful words, choosing the art of masterpieces of the lexicon sometimes, bringing it to life in a modern context combined with the authenticity and attractiveness of expression.”

The opening ceremony concluded with a speech from the celebrated person himself, Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran, in which he came forth with words of thanks and appreciation to Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization for their honoring gesture, and prayed for mercy for the soul of the scholar Sheik Al-Taher Ahmed Azzawi, of whose legacy he took after.

He also expressed during his speech the part his parents and wife played in supporting and encouraging him, and he heavily praised his friends and colleagues, the esteemed scientists, both those who came from outside of Libyan and those from within, whom he was honored by their attendance, praise, and scientific research; he also mentioned names of colleagues in the Arabic Language Complex, and gave the highest words of thanks and appreciation to them, and excused those who were unable to attend.

He summarized his Scientific Career, from the year 1968 to 2018, where it started as a professor in Libyan schools and universities, and outside of Libya in Senegal, Chad, Mali, and Burkina Faso. He spoke of his participation in serving the Libyan and Arab Islamic heritage, and in particular the Islamic Western Heritage. As well as his articles in newspapers, and the publication of his research in Libyan and Arabic patrols, and his publications with which he enriched the Arabic Library. Lately, in 2018, based on the decision of the Presidential Council, he became chairman of the Arabic Language Academy.

Next came speeches by the professors and doctors who participated with their testimonies in Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran’s right, and his part in bringing Libyan literature into the light, and the creative aspects in his historical and literary works, and the doctor’s efforts in the art of translation, as well as participations to read the unpublished works of Dr. Mohamad Masoud Jubran.

During the events of the honorary seminar, Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization’s publications were presented, compiled and edited by Mr. Mahmoud Al-Ghitmy, in addition to the first issue of Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Journal, and Dr. Mohamad Jubran books.



The Scientific journey of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Masoud Jubran is a great gift for the life of this celebrated science, and the many Libyan personas and the large western countries.