Sheik Taher Azzawi Charity Organization offers its sincere condolences and sympathies for the passing of the son of the Sheik of Martyr’s Omar Al-Mukhtar, who passed away Thursday evening at the age of 97, after leaving Benghazi to go for treatment abroad.

Mohamad Omar Al-Mukhtar is the Sheik of Martyr’s only son, descendant of Al-Manfah tribe which resides in Burgah, east of Libya. It is worthy to note that he is the last of Omar Al-Mukhtar’s titled the Sheik of Martyr in Libya’s, last son.

The Italians had occupied Libya in 1911, and executed the leader of Libyan fighters Omar Al-Mukhtar, on Sep. 16th 1931, after arresting him during armed fights in the suburbs of Albaida city, east of the country, and held a mock trial against him. Libyans were able to attain independence for their country in December 1951.