Mr. Salem Algamody, chairman of the board of directors for STACO, attended, and in the presence of a number of international organizations and institutions in the field of humanitarian and relief work, a workshop organized by Sphere, in order to consolidate the foundations of humanitarian response in a  participatory rights approach. Wherein this meeting gave the chance to 21 of Sphere organization centers and trainers to discuss the use of humanitarian standards in a variety of context on a large scale, and go into detail about training methods, and means to empower Sphere’s network. During the meeting the participants displayed the second draft of Sphere’s 2017 guide, in which the participants presented their plans of publication and training activities in the coming months, and discussed means of increasing cooperation with each of Sphere’s secretariat in Geneva, and coordination centers in other regions.

STACO’s participation came as the first and only Sphere partner in Libya, where this project is a voluntary initiative bringing together a large number of international humanitarian organizations surrounding a joint goal of improving the quality of humanitarian aid around the world. The project guide -Humanitarian Charter and Core Standards in Humanitarian Response, includes a number of joint principles and international standards which are greatly recognized internationally by humanitarian response areas, represented in: Supplying water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, food security and nourishment, shelter, settlements and non-food items, healthcare and social psychological support.

“Sphere” project, which was founded in 1997, consist of representatives of international networks of humanitarian organizations, and currently relies on 52 active awareness coordination centers, covering nearly 48 countries; the project aims to achieve a world that recognizes the rights of all affected people in attempt to alleviate their suffering and provide a decent life for them.