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Discover are a couple of photos from a vintage Ajaha hi cap set

Discover are a couple of photos from a vintage Ajaha hi cap set

The cymbals tend to be stamped with a a€?Ga€? regarding the edge of the underside like many old K Zildjians from Istanbul. Those cymbals dated to the 1940s with the intention that reveals this cymbal is fairly old.

The salesperson stated yes a€“ but we later realized it really is in fact a Ufip

Another pair of images is an additional set of hello caps apparently from the exact same time. It seems that a€?X I? Ajaha a€z was handwritten on these cymbals.

There is certainly in fact an older trademark available to you too. It states a€?Constantinoplea€? which was the design with several cymbal firms in the early area of the 100 years. Whenever we can find a photograph of that stamp, we might has a reason for a fresh cymbal schedule that includes past, Intermediate, and brand new Ajaha stamps. People worry to talk about a photo for the holy grail earliest Ajaha stamp?

I happened to be fascinated any time you may help me figure out what i’ve, it offers the Zenjian 1940s-1960s stamp together with an Avedis Zildjian Co built in United States Of America stamp. There is also a very faded trademark according to the sugardaddyforme recenzГ­ bell.

Really does any person know if the triangular UFIP stamp (the image shown near the top of this site) had been ever before produced making use of circular a€?MADE IN ITALY’ ped 90 degrees left?

We have a 15a€? 1380g cymbal stamped Mogars LANO that was included with a Leedy & Ludwig equipment that I obtained included in the mid 60’s. It appears like a partial stamp that says Mogars MILANO. Additional cymbals are trans-stamp Zildjians and a Zenjian so it’s probably also from very early 50’s. Anyone heard about they?

I got myself a 16a€? cymbal during the Connecticut Drum program finally April. Tried it out and got it. Merely receive the UFIP marks and Est. 1847.

I have already been using this as a collision and won’t spend they regarding amount of money. I think it actually was a fantastic get a hold of…

Regarding genuine and honest solutions to Roberto Spizzichino concerns we, since widow , are the only person authorised giving this info please overlook almost every other voices.

I recently ordered a couple of 14a€? Vibra Cymbals these days at an outlet within Oregon. They have been in very good condition. They don’t state anything besides a€?Vibra Cymbalsa€? on them. Do you have any concept if these are generally earlier or more latest Zanchi cymbals? Many Thanks, Nelson

Hello, if wish to know a brief history of Italian cymbals (drums also) you can get the publication on Italian antique drums and cymbals at the following webpage:

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We know little about cymbals, decided people I enjoyed and asked if it is a Zildjian

Great info! But In my opinion the picture for the tosco stamp is certainly not from the Italian Tosco nevertheless the much later Canadian department.

We have a 1,400 gram 15a€? cymbal with the same Ufip stamp as that in the cymbal revealed right here as a€?purchased in 1958a€?. It really is hefty but I prefer it my best hello cap. i have never heard this type of a clear bell noises like in this cymbal, despite having the clutch onto it. The opening was smaller than modern-day traditional; not all hi hat clutch meets it. Could there be a method to inform approximately what 12 months it actually was produced? I would be grateful to deliver a photo from it (to in which?) and grateful discover more about they. I got myself they at a pawn shop in Ny inside the 1980s while selecting a classic Zildjian. .. plus the a€?crown jewela€? of my cymbal ready. This site is a great site I am also happier that im ultimately able to see right here another cymbal with the same stamp as on my own. Many Thanks, Yonatan

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