Libya - Zawia city
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Training & Community

We organized several debates, Workshops and training courses, as well supervised some of its international partners’ activities for Libyans, what we do is in favor of developing our members and the volunteers who cooperate with our activities, what we did is as follows:

Scientific Debats

Sheikh Taher Azzawi, His Life & Effects

The first Scientific debate
Zawia city – Libya

Sheikh Hamad Sief Annasr 1869 -1954 His Life & Struggle

The Scientific Debate
Zawia city – Libya

Mr. Ahmed Al Sharif Al Sanussi 1873-1933 His Affect And Struggle

The third scientific debate
Tripoli – Libya
4,5/ October/2016
Training Courses & Workshops
A Training Course For The Competent Committees Working In Health Care With Support Of The International Medical Corps
Zarzis – Tunis
Workshop In The Matter Of Organizing The Distribution Of Non- Food Aids For The Displaced Libyan Families
Zawia City – Libya
3/October/ 2015

Workshop On The Mechanisms For Women To Reach Justice

Zawia City – Libya
Gatherings & Celebrations
The Annual Gathering Of Sheikh Taher Azzawi Charity Organization Corresponding To The International Migrants Day Supported By International Organization For Migration
Tripoli – Libya

The Annual Gathering Of Sheikh Taher Azzawi Charity Organization's Employees And Voulnteers

Tripoli – Libya
9-10/October/ 2016