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Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation

is a non-governmental, non-profitable and independent organization that is focused on the charity work and development of societies, whereas it works in sustained development, helping low income individuals, rendering aids in cases of emergencies to the personals who are affected by conflicts without discrimination or prejudice.

We help everyone
rendering aids in cases of emergencies to the personals who are affected by conflicts without discrimination or prejudice.
We help local people
Providing humanitarian aid to those affected by the war or to people with limited income in Libya
Local volunteers
We have a full team of local volunteers ready and trained to provide all humanitarian assistance in all circumstances
Let the numbers talk!

We provide support for more than +15.000 people.


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“We have wanted to deliver one noble message that says: there is no difference between humans not by their colors, religious views, race nor gender; they are all equal into our eyes. what we do is for everyone, everywhere”


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- In-kind donations from good and well-known people.
- In-kind donations from businessmen.
- Partnerships with local NGOs and organizations.
- International partnerships, in partnership with organizations and bodies affiliated with the support program (United Nations Organization).

Man is his humanity, his freedom, his security, his dignity

You are an individual from us and to us, with your solidarity with us, you are one of us. You can be a member with us at any time, as we work within the framework of charitable volunteer work.

The Foundation has permanent headquarters in the east, west and south of the country. You can visit us and submit your request to join us or through the Foundation’s website on the Internet to participate in the Foundation’s charitable activities and programs.

Your visit to our page or website, and giving advice and advice is a support for us, or you make proposals that benefit humanitarian and charitable work and support the cohesion of the civil society structure and devote its presence.

To be a distinguished model in charitable work that represents leadership that combines originality and creativity in the field of sustainable development and social welfare, providing humanitarian aid, adopting impartiality and non-discrimination between people by color, language or religion. The human values that God honored are our vision..

The Foundation is currently working on a group of educational and health endowment projects that will see the light soon.

Sheikh Al-Taher Ahmed Al-Zawi is one of the men of Libya, and one of the public figures who had an impact on society.

Al-Taher Al-Zawi Foundation works everywhere inside and outside the country in places of conflict, in places of detention of illegal immigrants, and provides food and medical aid to the afflicted, displaced and displaced persons, and in crises of wars and natural disasters..

Since its establishment, Al-Taher Al-Zawi Foundation has been keen to be present in every place and in every inch of relief work in all its forms. It set out from the city of Al-Zawiya, the headquarters of the foundation, and then to the capital, Tripoli, and opened branch offices in each of: Sebha - Tobruk .. It also has representatives (points). Communication) throughout Libya.. It was also finally able to open its headquarters outside Libya to overcome its major relief work in Turkey - and soon in Tunisia.

The foundation works collectively, its board of directors has led since its establishment and to this day the patriotic young man, Engineer Salem Ramadan Al-Qamoudi/Bachelor of Communications Engineering/has believed in charitable work since his early childhood. It has been operating for more than ten years.

In the context of the interests of our charitable organization / Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Foundation / in the intellectual and cultural movement in Libya, to expand the Foundation in its publications and publications, it launched its completed and complementary project for its work, the Printing and Publishing House under the name Dar Al-Zawi (Z.P.P.H) for Printing and Publishing 2019
It prints and publishes all its publications and publications. The house has participated in local and international exhibitions, the last of which was the Istanbul International Book Fair. It is also a member of the Publishers Union in Libya and a member of the Arab Publishers Union.

Dar Al-Zawi is one of the projects of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation, and it is one of the resources that will enable the Foundation in the future in its unlimited giving.

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