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An expanded meeting to start working on the ERP system within the organization

An expanded meeting to start working on the ERP system within the organization

In the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, office managers and project managers of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation, an extensive meeting took place today with Al-Takamol Company for Information Technology Management and Services in order to prepare to work on the ERP system in accordance with international standards, which the Foundation will actually start working on at the beginning of February 2018 to achieve more transparency and access to the system Transparent financial and facilitate administrative work within the institution.

In this meeting, which was delivered by the engineer: Imad Abu Shusha, the ERP system and its basics were defined. This system is considered as one of the information projects that has been designed so that all the information, resources and all the activities that are required for the process to be carried out completely and completely are coordinated. ERP supports supply management, manufacturing and operational functions as well as human resources, finance, public relations or customer relations. Where all this data is merged into one of the databases.

There are many different and diverse processes that are supported by the ERP system, and if we want to take a close look at all the sub-processes included in the headlines, we find a wide and great diversity in the sub-processes, for example, under the manufacturing processes, various engineering processes, workflows and QA/QC as well as cost, manufacturing and other engineering matters. It also falls under the financial operations accounts payable and receivable in addition to fixed assets and so on. While the projects fall under the various costs, administration and expenses, while the human resources include sub-processes such as salaries and various entitlements in addition to training employees on their various work apart from preparing the lists. While customer relations include operations such as sales, commissions, communication with customers, all services provided to them, and other various operations.

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