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my condolences

my condolences

{All the same taste of death, but the Day of Resurrection Buffon Gore It shifts from the fire and enter Paradise has won and the life of the world, but the pleasures of vanity}
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation, Mr. Salem Al-Qamoudi, extends his deepest condolences and sympathy to the family of Al-Shaalali and to all the members and workers of the Foundation, and to all lovers of goodness wherever they are and wherever they may be, on the death of the late Sheikh, the educator.

(Omar Al-Shalali)
He is one of the founders of the Sheikh Taher Al-Zawi Foundation and one of the members of the General Assembly, who passed away today, October 20, 2018.

A great affliction and irreparable loss, but we will only say what pleases God,, Oh God, reward us in our calamity and leave us better than it and stay for God alone..

We belong to God and to Him we shall return

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