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Signing a cooperation agreement in the field of culture between the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation and the General Authority for Culture

Signing a cooperation agreement in the field of culture between the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation and the General Authority for Culture

Tripoli, Libya
Believing in the role of culture in building societies and developing them in their various literary fields to achieve an integrated and homogeneous unity among the members of society and to find intersections, tendencies and common interests between them and to form the national character and heritage that distinguishes the people of society from other societies and to empower the social entity and support its cohesion, the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation signed a cooperation agreement A joint gathering with the General Authority for Culture in order to enrich the cultural field and support it in the celebration of the gathering of interested and intellectuals.

The celebration began with a speech by the Chairman of the Board, Engineer Salem Al-Qamoudi, who welcomed the attendees and expressed his happiness with this joint cooperation that supports the cultural field in its various fields. The richness of culture, provision of cultural infrastructure, and encouragement of creative energies to contribute to the development and development of all forms of innovation and cultural creativity. It is our duty to preserve its heritage components and idiosyncrasies in order to guarantee for ourselves the cultural presence that distinguishes our personality and thus contributes to the enrichment of national culture and the immortality of the cultural heritage, which constitutes a manifestation of Our authentic and diverse national culture, and a tributary of our civilizational heritage.”

It was followed by a speech by the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the General Authority for Culture, which began with his pride in the joint cooperation with an institution of its great and valuable position, such as the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Foundation, whose activities and works extend to various humanitarian, social, charitable and cultural fields to support the building of societies, and he spoke about the priorities of the cultural development plan that is supported by cooperation and partnership between the Ministry of Culture and all those interested in the cultural field from government sectors and civil society institutions to achieve an integrated national cultural renaissance, raise the level of cultural services, improve working conditions, and establish a cultural policy.

And from the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the two parties, which enhances coordination between them in organizing local cultural activities and events, creating and running cultural institutions, as well as participating in cultural activities and forums.

The celebration included a poetic evening by the poet: Abdel Raouf Bin Lamin, as well as distinct areas of the Libyan band playing the Malouf.

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