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STACO participates in the launch of the Sphere Humanitarian Action Handbook 2018

STACO participates in the launch of the Sphere Humanitarian Action Handbook 2018

Geneva – Switzerland
The Sheikh Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation STACO participated today in the General Assembly meeting of the Sphere project, which was held today in Geneva, in its capacity as a member of the network of charitable work guide SPHERE (Sphere), which organizes 32 civil society organizations and charitable organizations across the world.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of STACO Salem Al-Qamoudi and his accompanying delegation, and this meeting came to launch the new guide for charitable work 2018 in its new version, which is characterized by clarity and comprehensiveness in defining the standards that must be taken into account in humanitarian relief operations and the protection of the target groups for protection, as the work strategy was explained 2020, which focuses on geographical distribution and presence in places of conflict and disaster to provide emergency humanitarian relief operations.

The fourth edition of the Sphere Handbook 2018 is the consolidated manuscript of the three main chapters and four technical chapters that have been approved and approved by the Sphere Executive Board and translated into three additional languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, and Arabic) and the standards available from the Sphere Handbook will be available in a variety of online and accessible formats. To be used without the Internet, which ensures those interested in humanitarian work can use the Sphere guide in several different ways to meet their requirements and operational settings. The new version will be available for free download through the Sphere website.
The new version is a significant achievement of humanitarian standards related to quality and accountability as it enhances learning and evidence from those processes that have affected most humanitarian response in recent years, while also reflecting the technical expertise of a more diverse range of practitioners who directly contributed to the revision throughout the year. past.

The latest edition is the most comprehensive and diverse in twenty years in the history of Sphere. The new edition of the Sphere Handbook is based on more than 4,500 comments from those interested and involved in humanitarian work and the experience of nearly 1,500 professionals who made their contributions during the consultation process in 40 countries.

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