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The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency -TIKA honors STACO

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency -TIKA honors STACO

Istanbul, Turkey
By strengthening the values ​​of loyalty and loyalty to humanitarian work, spreading the meanings of brotherhood, and reviving the lives of immortal figures and role models, whose exploits and virtues converge to enrich the humanitarian and relief work arena with great deeds at all levels, enhancing the concepts of giving and altruism, and motivating the path of charitable and development work. In community development, humanitarian work and the relief aspect inside and outside Libya with local and regional projects since its establishment in early 2011. As usual, during its voluntary and humanitarian journey, it reaps many awards and appreciation and occupies prominent and pioneering positions in this field in Libya. It is considered a pioneer in its field of work and has a wise leadership that emerges from During its presentation of development projects to serve and support the future vision and sustainable development.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation, Engineer Salem Abdul Salam Al-Qamudi, upon receiving the honorary shield, expressed his thanks and appreciation for this honor and initiative and the appreciation of the international community for Staco’s efforts in the humanitarian field.

Al-Qamoudi stated that STACO Foundation is keen to strengthen the solid and extended humanitarian partnership with humanitarian organizations, appreciating the role played by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency by providing many development programs and humanitarian aid.

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