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Vision Conference under the slogan “We see a better future”

Vision Conference under the slogan “We see a better future”

On Monday, October 10, 2016, the activities of the first conference of the Sheikh Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation, entitled “Vision” under the slogan “We see a better future,” were launched with the presence of local and international officials and activists in the field of humanitarian work.

During the conference, the foundation’s path since its inception in October 2011, celebrating its fifth founding anniversary, which falls on October 10, was discussed, in which it presented its work in the past five years and its development from a charitable association to a reputable institution.

The conference aims to create a channel for dialogue between humanitarian workers in Libya, in an effort to search for ways to empower and develop charitable institutions, through relevant discussions, and to find solutions to the challenges facing humanitarian work for the current situation that Libya is going through. The conference also aims to: Opening new horizons for cooperation between the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation and the rest of civil society organizations and government institutions to work on developing the base of volunteer work, enhancing the knowledge capacity of the Foundation’s workers through lectures and exchanging experiences with partners, friends and guests of the Foundation, as well as introducing the ability of media activity and new media to spread the spirit of volunteerism In the same wishing. On the sidelines of the conference, several workshops were held, including what discussed development at work and humanitarian work in Libya, and a number of the Foundation’s workers were honored, who were detained for a period of five months in southern Libya.

The conference organizers hope to produce positive results that support humanitarian work in Libya at this difficult stage the country is going through, and that it will be the beginning of a new phase for the institution in which it seeks to achieve the 2026 vision, through which it will work to develop charitable and humanitarian work at the local, regional, and international levels so that it becomes The Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation is one of the active international institutions.

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