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Workshop entitled (Simplified Writing for Civil Society Projects)

Workshop entitled (Simplified Writing for Civil Society Projects)

Sebha – Libya
In the morning and for a period of three days, the Training Department of Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation, Sebha office, in cooperation with the National Assembly in Fezzan, embodied a workshop on simplified writing for civil society projects under the supervision of the stadium (Mohamed Hammadi Ali) in the institution’s training hall, where some of the civil society institutions attended – Members of state institutions, including Social Affairs Sebha – Excellence Excellence Company for Technology – Agricultural Research Center – Price Stabilization Fund – Social Service Department of the Foundation – Members of the International Humanitarian Law Office.

The workshop included how to study and develop proposals and budget for small projects. The first day focused on how to prioritize projects in terms of the design and preparation stage – fulfilling needs – and setting activities and their implementation plan.
The components of the proposals for the projects were also presented, including:
(Basic information for projects – project objectives – target group – project budget.

The workshop concluded on its third and last day by presenting the trainees with some proposals for the projects that had been worked on through this workshop.

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