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Workshop – training day on (brain fingerprint measurement)

Workshop – training day on (brain fingerprint measurement)

Sebha .. Libya
The office of Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation / Sebha, in coordination with the distinguished international coach “A. Abd al-Salam al-Kashkari”, an international motivation trainer in the Chinese schools method and a certified trainer in measuring brain fingerprint, announces the holding of a workshop for the first time in the State of Libya on (brain fingerprint measurement).

Where recent studies have proven that each person has his own brain fingerprint and is different from any other person, which facilitates the use of this discovery in the processes of verifying identity and securing important facilities by measuring it by recording mental activities by means of devices to measure brain signals, by displaying a large number of different images and Record your reaction and mental response when viewing these images.

Workshop date:
Thursday 12th July 2018
at 10:00 am
At the Social Security Hall in Sebha City

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