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A scientific symposium entitled (Documents and Manuscripts in Libya: Protection, Regulation, Access)

A scientific symposium entitled (Documents and Manuscripts in Libya: Protection, Regulation, Access)

Tripoli, Libya
The Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO) adopted the celebration of the Arab Manuscripts Day and set it on April 4 of each year, and in this sense, the Sheikh Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation celebrates this day through a scientific symposium concerned with the protection of this cultural heritage and manuscripts, and stresses the importance of this heritage The distinguished cultural and the necessity of introducing it, and encouraging researchers, scholars and the general public to benefit from it, taking into consideration benefiting from the experiences of developed and developing countries in this regard.

This day will be celebrated through a scientific symposium to be held at Bab Al Bahr Hotel in the capital, Tripoli, on 3-4 April 2018, with the publication of a book containing the accepted research in the symposium.

Several axes have been developed that shed light on the cultural heritage represented in documents and manuscripts, namely:

A study of the reality of institutions for preserving documents and manuscripts in terms of buildings and contents and how to maintain and protect them in crises.
Introducing the Libyan manuscript and its importance in libraries at home and abroad.
Introducing libraries and institutions related to collecting, indexing, organizing and making available documents and manuscripts, in terms of their contents, types, methods of preservation and availability.
The electronic archive and its role in preserving and making available documents and manuscripts.
Noting manuscripts and documents that have been burned, stolen, or destroyed.
Explanation of the distinctive Arab experiences of preserving and digitizing, making documents and manuscripts available to researchers and scholars, and cooperating with international centers and institutions in this field.
Standing on the local, Arab and international legislation related to the protection of documents and manuscripts, and highlighting the role of Arab and international institutions in this regard.

Responsible for scientific and cultural institutions and cultural heritage.
Researchers, scholars, faculty members, and graduate students in the departments of history, libraries and information, Islamic studies, and others.
Workers in the field of documents, manuscripts and archives.
Civil society organizations that are directly and indirectly related to documents and manuscripts.
Those interested in scientific research and knowledge.

For more details about the symposium, see the symposium sessions schedule

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