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An international conference entitled (Protecting Antiquities and Historic Buildings During and After Armed Conflicts)

An international conference entitled (Protecting Antiquities and Historic Buildings During and After Armed Conflicts)

Conference hall at Tripoli International Fair – Libya
On the occasion of the International Day of Archaeological Sites, the activities of the first international conference, organized by the Center for International Humanitarian Law and under the patronage of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation, were launched, entitled: “Protecting Antiquities and Historical Buildings During and After Armed Conflicts”, on Wednesday 04.25.2018.
The conference was attended by researchers and those interested in the field of antiquities and the preservation of the cultural and civilizational heritage of peoples, which is a protected heritage under the provisions of international humanitarian law and the property of all humanity passed down through generations from successive eras linking the present to the future.

The conference was opened with a speech by the President of the Center for International Humanitarian Law, Mr. Riyad Al-Hamidi, who called on all governmental and civil institutions to attach great importance to the grave violations that historical monuments and buildings are subjected to in light of the security chaos that swept the country.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation gave his speech in which he blessed all efforts aimed at strengthening the protection of antiquities, raising awareness of their importance and criminalizing their infringement.
And the closing speech was given by Sayyid Ihsan Adel Madbouh, President of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, where he expressed his regret for the destruction of antiquities, places of worship and works of art that wars lead to. He also stressed that the Euro-Mediterranean Monitor and all its employees are looking forward to cooperation with official Libyan institutions and civil society organizations; To bring about a real activation of the rules of international humanitarian law in Libya.
At the conclusion of the opening, the Committee for the Protection of the Symbols of the Red Saraya Museum in Tripoli was honored, and personalities who preserved Libyan antiquities from trafficking, theft, and looting during the armed conflict are:
Mr. Ramadan Saeed Abu Halfaya, and the late Ali Hussein Huraybish.

Also, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hadiri, former president of the Center for International Humanitarian Law, was honored for his role in establishing the center. The Director of the General Authority for Exhibitions, Mr. Salah Hamza, was also honored.

During the conference period (25-26 April 2018), scientific sessions were held that dealt with various topics covering the goals and themes of the conference, with the participation of researchers from several Arab countries such as Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Algeria.

On the sidelines of the conference, an open workshop was held that brought together a group of experts in law and heritage, during which some of the national and international legal problems regarding heritage were presented.

The conference activities were concluded by honoring the members of the Scientific Committee, local and international researchers, and participants in the workshop, in appreciation of their active participation in enriching science and knowledge.

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