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The Fifth International Scientific Conference of the College of Physical Education and Sports

The Fifth International Scientific Conference of the College of Physical Education and Sports

Zawia – Libya
In the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation and Mr. / Director of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, the activities of the Fifth International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Al-Zawiya city, entitled (Strategies for Physical Education and Sports), began under the slogan (Libya brings us together … and sports unites us) in the period from 14-15 / March / 2018 AD in the House of Culture in Al-Zawiya.

The Sheikh Taher Al-Zawi Foundation – STACO is considered one of the supporters of this conference, and this came within the framework of supporting the sporting activities and phenomena in the city after the lack of capabilities of the sports clubs and what they suffer from a lack of capabilities and to encourage the return of these activities within the city.

This conference aims to shed light on current sports problems and challenges and proposed solutions, activate the scientific research movement in the field of sports and youth sciences, highlight the role of youth and sports in the development of the economy and social peace, view modern scientific studies and research from different countries, exchange science and knowledge between scientists and researchers, and consolidate friendship and cooperation ties. Between the college and the corresponding international institutions, bodies and organizations. From this point of view, the College decided to make its contribution in seeking to develop modern strategies in the field of physical education and sports and to develop and develop scientific knowledge through studies and research that will be submitted by scientists and researchers participating in the conference.

Among the activities of the conference, symposia were held in the main themes of the conference, as well as discussion panels and mini-workshops, and the conference concluded with the delivery of certificates to the participants and supporters of the conference.

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