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Distribution of non-food aid to Tripoli shelters

Distribution of non-food aid to Tripoli shelters

Within the framework of the efforts of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation to cooperate with other organizations that put humanitarian work at the top of their priorities and interests, and in the framework of its support for the international and local humanitarian movement in order to contribute to providing aid to the largest possible number of irregular migrants in Libya, and alleviating the burden of their conditions The Foundation, in cooperation with the Swedish Humanitarian Movement, supervised the distribution of non-food aid, which included clothes and hygiene items.

Where the aid was distributed to four shelters in the capital, Tripoli. The number of beneficiaries of this aid reached 3,486 migrants, by distributing aid to 800 people in the Tajoura shelter, on Tuesday, 05/08/2018 AD, while on Wednesday, 05/09/2018 AD, the distribution was at the Janzour shelter, where the aid was distributed to 315 people. On Thursday, 05/10/2018, the distribution was made to 1071 people residing in the airport road shelter.

The series of distributions was concluded at the Sikka Road shelter today, corresponding to 27/05/2018, with the distribution of aid to 1,300 people.

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