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Distribution of subsidies to families displaced as a result of the clashes in the capital

Distribution of subsidies to families displaced as a result of the clashes in the capital

Tripoli, Libya
(April 4, 2019 – May 4, 2019)

In wars, innocent and defenseless civilians are always the victims who suffer the most from the scourge of the fighting, and despite all the difficult circumstances the country is going through, the convoys of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation have not stopped to help the displaced and affected families, and in cooperation with its partners in relief work, UNICEF and the Food Program The global United Nations WFP as the implementing partner in Libya, as well as the International Organization for Migration IOM, and the United Nations Population Fund Unfpa, where they joined forces under one goal, which is to provide support to all those who need a helping hand from families forced by circumstances and forced to leave their homes.

A distribution process, which lasted for a whole month, has been carried out so far “through a registered database.” The subsidies varied, including basic food subsidies, including “oil, tomatoes, flour, pasta, rice, sugar, chickpeas, flour,” and others, as well as non-food subsidies, which consist of cleaning and personal hygiene materials, blankets, blankets and mattresses for sleeping. .

The distribution took place in various areas of Tripoli and its neighboring cities as follows:

Ain Zara (200 families) University of Tripoli – internal housing (200 families) Zliten (200 families) Al-Jameel (123 families) Maslatah (118 families) Al Khums (200 families) Abu Salim area – Tripoli (200 families) Souk Al-Jamaa area – Tripoli (45 families) Bin area Ashour (18 families) Zawia city (84 families) Garabulli (150 families) Sabratha city (65 families) Al-Mayah (326 families)

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