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Signing a protocol of cooperation and a partnership contract between Staco and IHH

Signing a protocol of cooperation and a partnership contract between Staco and IHH

Tripoli, Libya

Eng. Salem Al-Qamoudi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Organization STACO, and the President of the Humanitarian Relief and Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms IHH, Mr. Azza Shaheen, signed a protocol of joint cooperation between STACO and IHH; In order to launch the (Orphan Sponsorship) project on the sidelines of the Orphan Iftar ceremony, which came to celebrate the International Day of Orphans on 15 Ramadan, and in the presence of the representative of the President of the Supreme Council of the State, the representative of the Minister of Interior, the Minister of State for Displaced and Migrant Affairs, the Turkish ambassador to Libya, and the representative of the Solidarity Fund Authority and a number of orphan children in Tripoli, Misurata and Al-Zawiya in the Corinthia Hotel in the capital, Tripoli.

After the signing ceremony, Al-Qamoudi confirmed that this project is a major humanitarian project for every institution concerned with the relief and humanitarian aspect, and that this project will be in all parts of beloved Libya in an effort to care for orphans, provide a decent life, extend a helping hand to them, provide material, psychological and health care for orphans who have no bond, and nurture Orphans in the spirit of inherent solidarity and charity, protecting them from all social diseases and helping to motivate orphans for the best results in their studies.

He pointed out that the foundation’s strategy takes humanitarian work as its primary concern as it is the backbone of development, and the most important element of achieving security and peace, pointing out that this cooperation will be continuous between the two parties, which will ultimately serve the public interest, pointing out that STACO, with its cadres with distinguished experiences, contributes to In raising the efficiency and success of charitable and humanitarian works, and the attention of the senior management and appreciation of the efforts of human resources in STACO, we are determined to provide the environment for generating creative and innovative ideas and innovating the best methods on the charitable work map inside and outside the country, and to ensure the distribution of powers and roles for all employees in accordance with the approved organizational structure and administrative processes that Ensures the achievement of objectives at the strategic and operational levels.

The President of the Humanitarian Relief Authority, Mr. Azza Shaheen, praised the role of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation in the field of humanitarian work, which made it a distinguished and prestigious position inside and outside Libya.

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