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Training course entitled (Crisis Management)

Training course entitled (Crisis Management)

Within the framework of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation’s interest in providing its employees with new experiences and information for development and advancement, the Director of the Foundation’s Administrative Affairs Office organized a training course entitled (Crisis Management).

In it, the concept of crisis management was explained in that it is a voluntary and intentional process based on planning and training with the aim of predicting crises and identifying their internal and external causes, identifying the actors and influencers in them, and using all available possibilities and means to prevent crises or successfully confront them in order to achieve stability and avoid threats and risks, while extracting Lessons and acquiring new experiences that improve the methods of dealing with crises in the future.

The course included the following objectives:

Define the concept of crisis.
Define the concept of crisis management.
Understand the main features of the crisis.
Determine the administrative characteristics of the crisis.
Differentiate between crisis and disaster.
Determine the main causes of crises.
Show the most important stages of the development of the crisis.
Show the most prominent manifestations of the feeling of crisis.
Crisis classification.
Determine the most important factors for success in dealing with crises.
Determining the steps for administrative handling of the crisis.
Introducing the Islamic model for crisis management.
Presenting the procedural steps to deal with the crisis.
The training course included a positive interaction of the participants through discussion, exchange of information and explanation to ensure the desired benefit of participation.

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