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Youth is a building and belonging to the country

Youth is a building and belonging to the country

Tripoli, Libya

The Department of Social Affairs of the Sheikh Al-Taher Al-Zawi Charitable Foundation is organizing the second scientific symposium entitled “Youth is a building and belonging to the homeland” and under the slogan “Youth is the hope of the nation and the secret of its renaissance”, on 12-13 September 2018 AD at Bab Al Bahr Hotel, in the capital, Tripoli.

From the standpoint of living societies; These are the ones in which the youth group is most present in all areas of life. It has many characteristics and qualifications that make it a driving force towards the future, represented by the values ​​and culture of the society in which it was born and inherited its identity and privacy.

Youth is one of the most important stages in an individual’s life. Because it is the stage that contributes to the formation of the future personality and makes him able to prove himself in the fields of life in the future, through which the individual feels independent by relying on himself to secure all his basic needs, as well as striving to reach a better life.

The danger is all. It is for this category to be subjected to forms of exclusion and marginalization that would make it lose its status and role as well as its function, and make it an idle force. Such a situation leads young people to lose their confidence and respect for all the symbols, beliefs and values ​​of their society, and then all the ties that bind them to it are severed. It turns it into a destructive shovel for itself and for others through many problems and imbalances in social structures and ties.

Aware of the danger that may result from forms of marginalization and exclusion from society; This symposium came to answer the problems posed by such situations, as well as the impact of participation for this group in various fields.

Objectives of the seminar:

Informing young people of their rights and duties.
Educating young people about their role in the social movement.
For a deeper understanding of youth and its problems.
Identifying the ambitions and major trends of the Libyan youth.
Presentation of various psychological problems of young people and methods of addressing them.
Knowing the attitudes and attitudes of young people towards issues related to the major issues of Libyan society.
Focus on preparing young cadres capable of leading the country in the future.
For more details about participation in the symposium, read the topics of the symposium and the conditions for participation.

See important dates for submitting research abstracts.

On the sidelines of this symposium, an exhibition (Arts for Youth) will be held, in which we open the horizons of creativity, innovation and excellence in all arts and its fields of photography, drawing, inventions and new innovations.

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